By Trudy J. Morgan-Cole

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Building Deep Friendships Is One of Life's Greatest Joys

Get ready to meet scores of fascinating folk who will sharpen your social skills and hone your spiritual edge! Drawing on her experiences as a university students and then a high school English teacher, Trudy Morgan-Cole invites us to watch the drama of life unfold and to learn from the mistakes and triumphs of others.

The author contacted just about every Christian she ever knew and asked about relationships that had been important in his or her life. She got a lot of interesting answers. Her stories hold the secrets of relational success. How to relate to niece people when bad things happen to them. How to turn enemies into friends. How to have the courage to confront. How to be a channel of God's love.

This young adult devotional will help you to thrive in the world of relationships and to grow spiritually as you watch God working in other lives.