Happiness Digest
Happiness Digest
By Ellen G. White

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When happiness seems beyond your reach and problems weigh you down, where do you turn? Millions of people have found the answer in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Happiness Digest shows how you too can experience His joy and guidance and offers help in the calm assurance that God is in ultimate control and very much interested in your life. (Adapted from Steps to Jesus.)


  1. Love Beyond Compare
  2. Recognizing Your Need
  3. Give Your Guilt Away
  4. How to Live With Your Conscience
  5. Choosing the Best in Life
  6. How to Have Peace of Mind
  7. You Can If You Will
  8. Measuring Your Maturity
  9. Living Through Giving
  10. Is Your Education Complete?
  11. The Key to Limitless Treasure
  12. Understanding Your Limitations
  13. Wall to Wall Happiness

The study guide companion booklet is organized to follow along with each chapter of Happiness Digest. Bible references are provided as answers for the questions, as well as references to pages in Happiness Digest.