Jungle Adventurer
Jungle Adventurer
By Eileen E. Lantry

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Some people keep pushing toward their goal, and nothing can stop them. God especially wants people like that to work for Him. What counts with God is not the great things we do but the little duties done cheerfully. 

Elder O. E. Davis was one of these people. He accepted God's orders for him to establish a mission station among the Mount Roraima Indians in western British Guiana. Nothing could stop him--not blisters on his feet, not blackwater fever or even death. This story covers three months and ten days detailed in a brief six page diary detailing his visit to the Indians. 

Many primitive Indians now live in the hope of the soon-coming Savior because Elder Davis loved them and gave his life for them. Because of their love for Elder Davis and for Jesus, these people will always be know as the Davis Indians.