Sibande and Other Stories
Sibande and Other Stories
By Josephine Cunnington Edwards

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When Sibande, son of a Zulu chief, is sent to the mission to find a cure for his leg sickness, he is warned, “Do not let those missionaries teach you the religion they follow after. There are many spirits to please, and they know nothing of the spirits.” But as his leg slowly heals, Sibande finds that there is much to learn at the mission school. Healthy food and cleanliness are as new to him as the idea of reading and writing. As he learns about the Christian God and the Adventist message, he wonders how he can ever take his place as chief of a village dedicated to worshiping the spirits and drinking beer. Is there another path his life can take?

This classic Josephine Cunnington Edwards book of mission stories from Africa also includes Myson Charlie, the Fatherless One; When God Answered Abidoni; and Jume, the Overcomer.