Side Trips
Side Trips
By Keith Knoche

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Sometimes you will laugh, sometimes you will grip the edge of your chair, sometimes you will turn your head to hide a tear, but always you will be fascinated by these fast-paced, true-as-the-gospel stories of warm-blooded men and women Keith Knoche met on his Side Trips. Get acquainted here with Wally, openhanded, heartbroken owner of Wally’s Wrecking Yard; warm up with Jerry, half-frozen hitchhiker caught in a prairie snowstorm; restock back-mountain store shelves southeast of Chattanooga with Harold, expert cracker stacker and sharp-as-steel knife swapper; reach a hand far down to big, love-struck Randy, who never should have tried to dig a well for his bride-to-be; above all, draw closer than you may have thought possible to the loving Jesus, as each, in his own unconscious way, helps you understand and appreciate Him better than you ever have before.