Armageddon: The Devils Payday
Armageddon: The Devils Payday
By Marvin Moore

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This book is about choices--the spiritual choices you and I and every other human being will be confronted with in earth's final hours. Armageddon: The Devil's Payday shows you how, by making the right choices now, you can be assured of your place in God's eternal kingdom when Christ returns. Showdown at Armageddon Wave after wave of Israeli bombers swept in from the Mediterranean.... Since that memorable day in 1967, the Middle East has occupied center stage in world affairs.  Much more is involved than a struggle between Arabs and Israelis.  The world's superpowers have vital interests there which they have pledged to protect at all costs.  Many fear that sooner or later World War III will be launched in the Middle East.  Should all the end-time unrest and upheaval in the Middle East surprise us, or had prophets in the Bible predicted it? Is there any word from the Lord for this crisis hour? In these pages you will learn what Bible prophecy has in store for the Holy Land. You see, this conflict involves more than politics. At its heart is a battle between two ancient religions, both finding their roots in the Old Testament patriarch Abraham.