Shelby's Big Prayer: Shelby Shayne Stories 1
Shelby's Big Prayer: Shelby Shayne Stories 1
By VeraLee Wiggins

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Dreaming about a puppy was all Shelby did when she first moved in with her aunt and uncle, especially when she was feeling lonely. At her new school, the kids called her “Orphan Annie” and teased her about her big black eyes. Shelby felt as though she’d never make any friends at school. But just when it seemed things couldn’t be worse, something special happened. 

Longing for a friendship to fill the emptiness left in her heart, Shelby was excited to make friends with the girl across the street. But as the friendship grew, Shelby encountered the possibility that her new friend was being abused. What should she do? 

Shelby’s Big Prayer is the first book in the Shelby Shayne series about an eleven-year-old girl who is trying to find happiness after a big hurt.