Voyager: The Book
Voyager: The Book
By Charles Mills

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Meet Tony Parks, an eleven-year-old whiz kid who lives in a world of microchips, gadgets, and books. He’s just finishing his most amazing invention. He calls it Voyager. 

Tony’s new adopted sister, Tie Li, is clever and full of spunk. Together they begin a fantastic journey across time, looking for a reason behind the horrible events in her past. 

Simon Gorby, the school bully, always hassles Tony and his sister, only to find in their companionship a love he’d never known. 

Join Tony, Tie Li, and Simon as they shoot across time to an ancient and perfect earth. Visit a garden where no one has ever been sad, where lions don’t bite, and you don’t have to pull weeds. What ruined this beautiful world? Does God have a plan to make everything perfect again?