Your Church Has Changed: Rebuilding Church and Mission Post-COVID-19
Your Church Has Changed: Rebuilding Church and Mission Post-COVID-19
By Peter Roennfeldt

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The COVID-19 pandemic caused churches to close their doors, restricted gatherings of people and moved worship services online. But what if, rather than viewing these circumstances as mere disruptions until we get back to “normal”, we see them as opportunities that have shifted our focus towards being the church in our communities?
Drawing inspiration and practical advice from the New Testament about how church was intended to function, discover how God might be moving us forward towards the same methods of worship, fellowship, service, evangelism and discipleship today.

“This is a useful, thought-provoking and challenging read that will help pastors, church leaders and those in ‘households of faith’ navigate the new waters we find ourselves in. It is timely and insightful—a valuable contribution.” —Travis Manners, lead pastor, Adelaide, Australia

“This book challenges the church to question old practices—and also consider the opportunities COVID-19 has presented. Peter Roennfeldt offers busy church leaders an inspiring, quick read, with an outline for multiplying disciples as a way to move forward.”—David Nott, Youth For Christ, Regional Team Leader, Gippsland, Australia

Peter Roennfeldt (DMin) has spent his life sharing the gospel, planting churches and serving as a pastor to pastors. Having lived in four countries and equipped church-planting teams in almost 60, Peter now lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife Judy, but continues to equip and coach church planters, pastors and movement leaders around the world.