Broken River, Shattered Sky
Broken River, Shattered Sky
By William Noel

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She panned right as it grew larger and began moving across her field of view, toward the Temple Mount, until it was several hundred feet above the ground, directly over the Dome of the Rock Mosque. Then everything went an unbelievably brilliant white. Instinctively Hope closed her eyes tightly, but it was too late. 

Hope Lancaster's world is falling apart-but her career is careening into the fast lane. While she sits at the anchor desk reporting ominous weather her daughter, Jennifer, and husband, Mark, huddle in a closet for protection from a tornado. 

It gets worse. Earthquakes on the New Madrid fault buckle bridges and drain parts of the Mississippi River. Life grows hectic as the network sends Hope to chase down natural disasters, power blackouts, and suicide bombings. Surely the rapture is near. 

When her daughter is diagnosed with a virulent strain of leukemia, Hope comes to terms with what the Bible teaches about death. 

Next assignment: Jerusalem. 

Meanwhile Hope has been studying Bible teaching on the end times. "Weren't these things supposed to happen after the rapture?" she asks. Slowly she begins to doubt what she was taught. As war breaks out in the Middle East Hope's questions detonate in her father's congregation, provoking a battle between truth and tradition. 

In this action-packed spiritual thriller you too will discover something new about the second coming of Jesus. 

"The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night."