Creation Not Evolution
Creation Not Evolution
By Alonzo L. Baker, Francis D. Nichol

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Evolution is not an abstract subject with no more relation to the workaday world than Einstein’s theory or the diameter of the moon; instead, it has the most direct and far-reaching effect on our views of the present and the future life, and our relations to our fellow man and to God. 

The renowned Joseph le Conte, an evolutionist, who wrote the most authoritative work on the relation of evolution to religion, says regarding this theory: “Its truth or falseness, its acceptance or rejection, is no trifling matter, affecting only one small corner of the thought-realm.  On the contrary, it affects profoundly the foundations of philosophy, and therefore the whole domain of thought.  It determines the whole attitude of the mind toward nature and God.” 

Proceeding on the belief that the Bible is indeed the very Word of God, this book will prove that the various facts of nature alleged to prove evolution do not prove it at all.