Fundamentals of Christian Education
Fundamentals of Christian Education
By Ellen G. White

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There is no doubt that Ellen White had a profound interest in Christian education—she wrote numerous articles, pamphlets, and books on the subject. Flowing throughout these writings is one constant, abiding theme: education is to bring the student ever nearer to God. It begins at home and continues into the school, but always "true education embraces physical, mental, and moral training, in order that all the powers shall be fitted for the best development, to do service for God, and to work for the uplifting of humanity" (p. 387).


Containing articles drawn from various sources, the book does not duplicate selections from her others books on education (with the exception of the first chapter). Such topics as the proper education of the young, the basis of true education, teachers as examples of Christian integrity, and the true ideal for youth are arranged chronologically to emphasize the historical setting.