His Wondrous Cross
His Wondrous Cross
By Brian D. Jones

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The cross. Object of reverence enshrined in paintings; worn as jewelry; and exalted in sermon, song, and film. Fervently appreciated by some, largely misunderstood by many, and greatly despised by others. What is it about the cross that splits history and polarizes society? That repels and draws? 

Author Brian D. Jones stands, as it were, at the foot of the cross and, with us, contemplates the mystery, wonder, and unfathomable love that radiates from the One who died there. Personally invested in his subject, Jones shows how the cross can become the tree of life to our souls, the instrument of our salvation, the monitor of our conscience, the gateway of our liberty, and the trysting place of our hopes. 

Stand beneath the cross with Jones. Gaze, wonder, and be saved.