In Beaverdom
In Beaverdom
By Helen V. Ross

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This was a gala day in Beaverdom! Old Sawtooth and his wife Soft Fur had a son! However, the birth of Sonny did not stop the need for spring cleaning. Join Old Sawtooth, Soft Fur and Sonny as they go about their lives in Beaverdom, working through the seasons to maintain their standard of living. They will face many dangers in their beaver colony: lynxes, logging camps, foxes, wolverines, Bald Eagles, drought, beaver traps, coyotes, wolves. But they also have friends and comfort in the reliability of the progression of the seasons. 

In addition to Beaverdom, you’ll explore the lives of caterpillars, ants, locusts, cicadas, sole fishes, and falcons in this collection of nature stories.