In the Beginning
In the Beginning
By Bryan W. Ball

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A biblical view of the earth and human beginnings

In an age when science and the scientific method dominate public opinion, those in the minority with a different worldview are often treated with contempt.

Sometimes it seems that evolutionists surround us. Every science article, each museum display, even pop culture, casually references imaginary creatures crawling out of the ooze hundreds of millions of years ago. Some Christians are actually starting to abandon literal readings of Genesis for theories that they perceive are more easily synthesized with the claims of science.

How we understand our origins affects virtually everything else we believe as Adventist Christians.

Adventism is foundationally based on Scripture. Today, people are questioning the Genesis account. What will they question next? If the Bible doesn't have the final word on truth, what does?

Fortunately, there is great news.  It is entirely possible to defend the traditional Adventist positions on Scripture, Creation and the Flood and not be scientifically illiterate. In fact, there are many questions that defy answers on the basis of science alone.

Do you really want to know where we came from? This book, written by a team of well-qualified Adventist Bible scholars and scientists from three continents, provides an intelligent, reasoned basis for a continuing belief in the Bible and the biblical teaching of the creatorship of God.