Katya's Gold
Katya's Gold
By Ellen Bailey

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No matter how hard she tried, Katya just couldn’t be good.

She wanted to stop getting into fights, but her temper always seemed to get the best of her. It didn’t help that Papa punished her severely for her misbehavior. But there was one thing she was good at: skiing. She could fly on those skis! So she joined the ski club and began winning races, even beating the boys. Now she knew what she wanted in life—gold medals.

One day another skier gave her some Christian books to read. Until then, her grandmother had been the only one who ever said anything good about God. Katya’s Communist teachers had taught that the Bible was a myth and that there was no God. Finally she learned the truth. When she discovered that she could not keep God’s Sabbath and continue to compete, she had to make the hardest decision of her life.