Kids, Teens, and Wives
Kids, Teens, and Wives
By Dan Day

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You wear the pants in the family? Your house have a wife and kids in it? Maybe even some of those mysterious beings called teens? Then listen up—this is your book. 

Kids, Teens, and Wives is a nuts-and-bolts look at what it means to be a dad and husband by an ordinary guy named Dan Day, who is both. 

Now Dan is the first to admit that he’s not Superdad. He’s blown his shot at the Father of the Year trophy at least as often as you have. But you’re going to enjoy and appreciate the hope,help, and humor he shares about those relationships that fulfill (and frustrate) us the most. 

A firmer resolve to love your wife and kids more and several new insights into your relationship with your Father above are the payoffs for spending time with this humorous and inspiring book.