LifeLine Bible Study Guides, Book 2
LifeLine Bible Study Guides, Book 2
By Kurt W. Johnson

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This Bible study guide is designed for those who want to study the key doctrines of the Bible in an easy-to-use format. Book 2 includes studies on signs of Christ’s coming; the second coming; understanding death the millennium and hell, heaven and the new earth; the Old Testament sanctuary; end-time prophecy; stewardship of life, heath and lifestyle issues, Christian fellowship, the gift of prophecy, the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts, and a summarizing study.

This interactive guide can be used either for personal or small group study, although it and its companion, Book 1, have been specially created with small groups in mind.

Each study contains three sections: Group Life (an opportunity for sharing and getting acquainted with other group members), Scripture and Life (the Bible study itself), and Application to Life (in which the topic under study can be applied to daily living).

Whether exploring these Bible teachings for the first time or reviewing them, you will find this LifeLine guide to be a significant help in your growth as a Christian.