Patty Jo In Happy Valley
Patty Jo In Happy Valley
By Ruth Wheeler

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Patty Jo Curtis lay in her bed twisting a golden curl and thinking about all the fun she was going to have today, and tomorrow, and all summer. Suddenly a little click, click, click interrupted her thinking. She listened. The sound was coming from the hall. Patty Jo turned quickly. A meadow lark was walking into the room, his toes clicking sharply on the polished floor!

Patty Jo has an exciting summer ahead of her. She had come a long way on the train to visit her Uncle Bob and Aunt Cathrine. Patty had never stayed in a cabin before. Uncle Bob’s large cabin was nestled in a vast green meadow, near an apple orchard and circled by distant high mountains. To Patty, it was the perfect place to explore and learn. 

Come along with Patty as she learns about nature and its abundant life in the place called Happy Valley.