Polly's D Day
Polly's D Day
By Betty Stirling

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After her grandma had left the room, Polly curled up on the bed and read through the Hillview College bulletin from title page to index. She checked through the requirements to see whether her junior college credits would be accepted and picked out the courses she would want to take. 

“I believe Grandma is right,” she said to herself. “I do need to go to a college that has a spiritual atmosphere, as Grandma calls it. I believe I’ll go to Hillview. ” 

When Polly decides to attend Hillview College at the suggestion of her grandma, her future husband, Rev. Conrad Elston, is concerned about the teachings within the college that could potentially lead Polly down the wrong path. During Polly’s time there, both Polly and Conrad discover some important Bible truths that change their lives forever.