Really Living
Really Living
By Don C. Schneider, Ken Wade

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What do a cardiologist, drug dealer, presidential honor guard, Seminary professor and Siberian labor camp detainee have in common?  They have all discovered the secret to Really Living!
Find out what happens when ordinary people invite Jesus to change their lives; learn how you can experience the abundant life He promises all believers.
Elder Don Schneider, host of Hope TV’s weekly show Really Living, is passionate about helping people understand what it means to really live.  He says, “Really living is to know Jesus, share Jesus, and live for Him.”
Elder Schneider also loves a good story, and many of his favorites can be found within these pages: stories that will inspire and challenge you to get to know Jesus better, to share Jesus more compassionately, and to live your life in service for Him.
Enjoy these stories and discover for yourself the secret to Really Living.