Seeing Eye Girl
Seeing Eye Girl
By Barbara Westphal

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Nothing seemed to help Señor Gonzáles. He became totally blind. Nothing mattered to him now. He wanted to die. But God had a plan for the blind man. First of all, he learned about Jesus through his neighbor. Then he wanted to tell others about the wonderful Jesus he now knew.

But how does a blind man get around?

Señor Gonzáles told many about the wonderful Jesus. He got around very well, for his daughter Macha became his eyes. Wherever he went, Macha went, leading her father, and prompting him if he should need help when quoting texts or telling about the pictures they showed on screen.

Macha, the Seeing Eye Girl, was as much a preacher for Jesus as her father, Gonzalo Gonzáles. Perhaps one day you may meet Macha and hear her tell the wonderful stories of how she and her blind father helped the people of Costa Rica learn about Jesus.