Sometimes I Don't Like My Kids!
Sometimes I Don't Like My Kids!
By Candace Schap

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You’re fed up, exhausted, and feeling everything but motherly. But you dare not admit it. To do so would be a poor testimony, and your Christian friends would think less of you.

Is it any wonder that author Candace Schap admitted to sometimes not liking her kids? And, truth be told, most dedicated, self-sacrificing Christian mothers feel the same way at times.

Sometimes I Don’t Like My Kids is an honest look at the frustrations of mothering and the dangers of the “supermom” syndrome. From her own experience as a mother of four, Candace shares down-to-earth suggestions for identifying and dealing with the anger you face in mothering, conquering a mountain of housework, handling depression and disappointment, and dropping the “supermom” façade.

More than a book of parental woes, Sometimes I Don’t Like My Kids is a manual of recovery—the recovery of joy in the Lord and in your family.