Stories Jesus Told
Stories Jesus Told
By Madge Haines Morrill

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This book is sure to delight your children! 

One day Jesus went for a walk with His disciples. When they came to a tree, Jesus stopped. He looked up into the tree. He saw little brown birds that were hopping around. There birds were sparrows. 

The disciples did not know why Jesus was looking at the sparrows. Nobody thought much about the sparrows. People did not care about them. 

Jesus pointed to the birds and said, “Not one of those birds ever falls to the ground without Me knowing it. If I care that much for the tiny birds, how much more will I care for you?” 

Throughout Jesus’ life, He told stories to teach His followers. These stories are just as powerful for us today. Madge Haines Morrill weaves real-life situations in the lives of young Bobby and Ruth and the time-tested parables Jesus taught while He walked the earth, together into a book made just for young children.