The Book of Luke E. G. White Notes 2Q 2015
The Book of Luke E. G. White Notes 2Q 2015
By Ellen G. White

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Get more out of your bible study times with these insights from the Spirit of Prophecy for the Sabbath School Lessons.

The doctor’s name is Luke, a Gentile convert, and the letter is The Gospel According to Luke.  In addition, Luke also wrote the book of Acts. Having been a travel companion of Paul, Luke was a keen observer of, and participant in, the great Jesus movement sweeping the Roman Empire. This close association with Paul led Luke not only to grasp the profound meaning of the Christian church—which stood its ground against Caesar’s demand to be honored as divine—but also to learn more deeply from the credible sources about the Man behind it all: Jesus Christ. The universality of salvation is the underlying theme of his Gospel and is the longest in the New Testament.