The Radical Rescue
The Radical Rescue
By Kirsten A. Roggenkamp and Heather Blaire

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Messiah | mes·si·ah | m?-'si-?
noun: “the expected king and deliverer of the Jews”
—Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary


The Jewish people had been looking for a Deliverer for what seemed like forever. The Romans who ruled them made their lives very hard. They needed to be rescued! But what they were expecting and what they got—what we got—were radically different.


The Radical Rescue delivers stories about Jesus for kids of all ages. Follow the ministry of the Savior from His childhood experiences with the priests in the temple all the way to His betrayal, death, and resurrection. Each story shows how Jesus was—and is—the Radical Rescuer from a much bigger problem than the Romans.


Written by teachers, each story brings an engaging lesson followed by Bible verses to read, activities to do, and thought-provoking questions to answer.
Perfect for personal reading, family worship, or classroom study, these vibrant stories will help kids learn how to study the Bible and strengthen their relationship with Jesus, the One who radically rescued each one of us.