The Truth Trackers
The Truth Trackers
By Charles Mills

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Something mysterious is going on, on the vacant thirty-sixth floor—something so awesome that it requires all the computing power in the whole skyscraper. At the center of it all is Simon. Simon surfs the future and quarries the past, and he helps Tony trace the great conflict of good and evil from the time of the apostles into the future. Slowly Tony is drawn ever deeper into a long-forgotten world of raging storms and shipwrecks and cave dwellers and visions of three angels with a startling message about the day of the sun, a scary beast, and final glory. 

After a tornado destroyed their farm and Voyager, their time-travel machine, Tony and his adopted little sister, Tie Li, moved to Chicago. Now he has something even better than Voyager to help him find life’s ultimate answers. But who is the mysterious hacker who invades his cyberspace and seems to know his every move?