Three Cosmic Messages - 2Q 2023 Bible Bookshelf
Three Cosmic Messages - 2Q 2023 Bible Bookshelf
By Mark A. Finley

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The world is reaching a tipping point. Both the godless and the God-fearing sense it. The threats of nuclear war, environmental catastrophe, and economic collapse are no longer alarmist concerns—they are daily headlines. All of this is making the masses restless. Something dark and ominous is brewing. People can feel it.

Against this chaotic backdrop, Three Cosmic Messages draws the curtain aside on the final showdown between good and evil. Even now, the world’s attention is being drawn to the three angels of Revelation 14. Their messages are clear and unmistakable; worship God or be forever lost. Such a stark declaration is sobering, and the stakes could not be any higher.

Join Mark Finley as he candidly confronts the issues of our time and your role in the crisis ahead. You can face the future with confidence knowing that God’s love triumphs and the faithful are saved.