When God Made Rest
When God Made Rest
By George E. Vandeman

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Can you imagine the feeling when Adam and Eve met their creator? 

Then hand in hand together they explore their paradise home.  Beauty beyond belief delights and dazzles their senses.  Lush green meadows, clear-running streams, and breathtaking scenery surpass description. 

As Adam and Eve gaze in awe at the spendors of Eden, the Lord turns it over to their care.  But before they take charge of their beautiful garden, the Creator sets up a weekly appointment with them. 

God himself originally designated the seventh-day as a day of rest.  But by turning away from Sabbath, the church broke the very heart of Christianity. Satan ingeniously diverted attention from the cross, to focusing instead on the imperfect spiritual experience of believers.  And neglecting Sabbath rest, leads to spiritual failure. 

When God Made Rest, offers an explanation into the design and purpose of the Sabbath Commandment.  The author shows that we need God’s law, but we are not saved through that law. We’re saved by trusting in Jesus—and that’s the message of the Sabbath.