Following the Apostles' Vision
Following the Apostles' Vision
By Peter Roennfeldt

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From small and unlikely beginnings in Jerusalem, the message of Jesus seemed to explode across the Roman world within only a few decades. It was powered by the Holy Spirit and the passion of those first men and women who had spent time with Jesus, but this remarkable success also came with self-sacrificing determination, hard work and innovative mission strategies.
Re-reading the pastoral letters of Paul—written to the respective churches within the first 10 years of their planting—offers valuable insights into the focus, energy and methods of Paul and his ministry teams. And it must challenge our vision and practice of church, ministry and mission today. 

“Every now and then a book comes along that speaks with clarity and breaks new ground. This is such a book—a fresh look at Acts and Paul’s letters, examining how the apostles planted such mature churches so quickly and successfully. Expect your paradigms to be challenged. This vital biblical reflection will reverberate for a long time, as required reading for all disciple-makers and movement-leaders who want to look beyond traditional assumptions, to see a continuation of the book of Acts in our world today.”—Dave Lawton, Praxeis—Making Disciples, Melbourne, Australia

“Building on Following Jesus and Following the Spirit, this third book provides another important piece to the missional movement puzzle.”—Nick Kross, discipleship team Youth Specialist, Sydney, Australia

Peter Roennfeldt (DMin) has spent his life sharing the gospel, planting churches, and serving as a pastor to pastors. Having lived in four countries and equipped church-planting teams in almost 60, Peter now lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife Judy, but travels widely equipping and coaching disciple-makers, church-planters, pastors and movement-leaders.