Let It Go
Let It Go
By Yvonne Rodney

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It was a terrible secret.

A secret she’d kept for a long time.

Until the day she couldn’t hold on to it any longer . . .

Lisa wasn’t prepared for her husband’s reaction when she told him. Guilt had built up over the years to the point where she couldn’t bear it anymore.

Grace had been trying to keep up a brave front, but the news spilled out with her tears. There was nothing more she could do.

Yolanda was struggling with emotions that threatened to cripple a new relationship—and fighting back anger toward God over the loss of her beloved husband.

Marissa was a newlywed with a promising career and an inconvenient dilemma—one she thought best taken care of on her own.

Catherine had dealt with her sorrow long ago, but hers was a tale that needed to be told.

This is a story of women overwhelmed with inconsolable grief and soul-consuming guilt—and their journey to redemption and healing. There’s only one way, you know. Only one.