The Wonders of Salvation
The Wonders of Salvation
By J. L. Shuler

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It’s all yours—happiness forever! 

Hard to believe? This is the “good tidings of great joy” the angels sang about as Mary laid the Baby of prophecy in the Bethlehem manger. The Lord wants you to know that He wants to save you, if only you will let Him. 

John L. Shuler died at ninety-seven, a few weeks before this book was printed, his last of many. After reading the edited manuscript, he said that this book “is more important” than any of the other books he has authored. 

In a very profound manner, this last book from the pen of this tireless warrior for God sums up the essence of the plan of salvation in a way that will personally touch your heart, and will give you a clear picture of the wonders of salvation!